Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Distro Hoppin`: Blender-boot 1 Suzanne Beta 2

Distros, distros, distros... Glue a bunch of software together, add your favorite themes, name it "Frank OS" and that's it, you've got your own operating system. Obviously, I'm joking, I know it's quite a lot of effort that needs to be put into such a project. But, from a really high-up birds-eye view, they all can seem a bit... similar. Most of them are general purpose distros, aiming to please a large segment of users. Some focus on a smaller target, like audio artists, pre-school teachers or network administrators testing how penetration-prone are their setups. 

...and then there is Blender-Boot, which is a whole OS wrapped around ONE application: the awesomely versatile Blender 3D content creation suite. The idea itself is enough to raise some eyebrows and gain a good amount of attention. But is it really necessary to have a separate OS for one purpose? 

Well, if you always want the latest version of Blender delivered to you hassle-free (e.g. compiling), then yes, Blender-boot is a good choice. I think its main audience is formed of artists wanting to go open source and have little Linux experience. Just install it (which, being Ubuntu-based, is super easy) or ask someone else to do it and your computer will boot straight into the  Blender suite, hence the name. Of course, puns are always a trait of Linux people, so this distro's developers couldn't refrain themselves from tapping into the other meaning of "boot". Thus, the logo and wallpapers revolve around a... shoe. But it's not just any shoe, it's one that has the familiar Blender eye on top of it and is, of course, orange.