Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ubuntu for Android is Here to Kill Your Bulky Tower PC

O, this is good, folks, this is so damn good. Canonical just unveiled their latest project and it´s nothing short of revolutionary. In these wonderful days in which technology is continuously and rapidly evolving, people are being spoiled with anything from super-fast broadband connections, crystal clear video chats across oceans, huge LCD screens, cheap but oh-so-powerful digital cameras, and, what is still mind-boggling for me, multi-core mobile phones. Tiny devices, often smaller than your palm, light as a feather and incredibly thin, laugh in the face of your 4-5 year old top-of-the-line computer.

Looks like a dream, doesn´t it? Image source
What Canonical will do in the hopefully near future is make use of every last MhZ in your Android device. How? Through Ubuntu for Android! You will be able to connect a compatible mobile device to a keyboard, mouse and monitor and in no time, you will work on a full-fledged Ubuntu machine. Pop the phone out from the dock, and it will return to its regular functions.

When docked, besides accessing all of Ubuntu´s goodies, you will be able to manage contacts, view and add events to your calendar, even SMS and call people through the good old message indicator. Everything will seamlessly sync between the docked and undocked states of your phone, including bookmarks, browsing history, etc.

I really hope this will be at least half as good as it sounds. Even so, the most important thing is that Canonical started to push the tech industry with an incredible momentum. Unity (debatable :) ), HUD, Ubuntu TV and now this... 2012 will be awesome! 

Read a much more detailed description of Ubuntu for Android here.

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