Thursday, January 5, 2012

Distro Hoppin`: Netrunner 4.0 Dryland

2012!!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful “yay-we-are-one-year-older-where-the-hell-did-2011-go celebration” and wish you an exciting 2012. If you're more like me and would rather have an uneventful 2012, you can switch, no problem; my wish store is sufficiently flexible.

Today, in the very first week of January 2012, I am happy to report that I found out who runs the Internet. It's no secret government agency, no occult faction, no MiB, it's a Linux distro. How do I know? Because it is called... NETRUNNER. The truth is often hidden in plain sight. ;)
Netrunner 4.0 Dryland is a Kubuntu-based distribution that aims to provide an all-round OS for desktops, laptops and netbooks.