Monday, May 9, 2011

Distro Hoppin`: Ubuntu 11.04

Yes, it is here! Probably the most controversial Ubuntu release since EVER hit the servers, as planned, on the 28th of April. Canonical is, if nothing else, to be admired for the courage of sticking to their original plan and pushing their ideas forward, despite all the unrest they caused. On the other hand, this courage is a bit diluted by the fact that the GNOME project has also undergone a major makeover so users are now pretty much stuck between these two. A much riskier move would've been for Canonical to release the Unity-powered desktop well before the GNOME 3 release. On the other other hand, the community has every right to be pissed at the company for ignoring their gripes.

I am now out of hands so we'll move along, please follow. Ubuntu 11.04 – Natty Narwhal – as flashy as it is, still weighs under 700 MBs, so right after you download the ISO from one of the myriad servers worldwide, you can throw it on a CD. Or save the optical disc trees and use the faster alternative: USB flash drive + unetbootin.

The live environment boots and the first question that pops up is if you want to head straight to the installation or stroll around carelessly, checking out the new Ubuntu experience (beware though, the “new” experience won't be exactly new, as the Unity interface will load only after installation (at least when it comes to NVIDIA GPUs)).

I always like to look inside the Examples folder to see what the developers put in there, but this time I was disappointed... the same two files as six months ago – 1 audio .ogg and 1 video .ogg. But, I still love Josh Woodward's Swansong, so I am not THAT upset.

Double clicking that glorious “Install Ubuntu 11.04” icon opens up, wait for it... the Install window! The language is very important, so that's why selecting the one that applies to you is the first step.