Sunday, April 17, 2011

Posting via Blogger for Android

You just can't ask for a simpler way of quickly posting articles on your blog while on the road. The drawback is that you can only edit mobile posts.
But look, you can directly insert pictures from your camera! Enjoy the ceiling!
Oh, you can also activate the location service to ease the lives of your stalkers.
To get the app, go to Android Market, search for blogger and install the Google-produced one. I have yet to try the unofficial bloggerdroid app. I heard it's a tad better. Kbyeee!


  1. It does not support Google Apps accounts, does it?

  2. I don't see why it wouldn't...

  3. I have Google Apps account (
    My Blogger account is registered under this domain, and my blog is subdomain of
    But when I try to use Blogger for Android, it says I need to create an account. Frankly speaking, it does not see my blog from Android device. I suppose only addresses are supported correctly.
    Therefore I use Blogaway. It works well.

  4. Mobile posting is done easier thru this application.

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  6. You can try Blogaway for blogger instead if you like.