Thursday, April 14, 2011

GNOME 3 Double Fail

So GNOME 3 was released. I don't know why, but my excitement levels were quite low, until today when I pushed myself into trying it out. Rather than installing the new version on top of some other distro running GNOME 2, I decided to get the intended experience by downloading one of the "official" systems on the GNOME 3 webpage. There were two options: openSUSE and Fedora. As I haven't checked on openSUSE for quite a while now, I chose it. 

I burnt it on a blank CD and fired it up. Result? See below!

But still, I found myself to actually like the interface, the fonts, the colors, the great "snap" features. Too bad it crashed when I wanted to check out the new messaging system. Also disappointing was the fact that there were so few protocols available. 

So I went back to the official website and downloaded the Fedora version. Happily, the servers are quite fast and I didn't waste too much time, as this was an even worse fail. 

O well, I guess I'll wait for a decent distro to come out with the shiny new GNOME and then I will give it a proper look. Until then, be sure to check out my Android adventures.


  1. Have you tested the G3 DE in other Linux distro?

  2. As I said in the beginning of the article, no I didn't. :) I intend to. The point was that these two should've worked decently, given the "spotlight" they received on the official page.

  3. I wanted to try out Gnome 3, so I installed Fedora 15 on my laptop. It has been surprisingly stable so far, and Gnome 3 only crashed once in about a week. My only complaint is Yum. I am no fan of Packagekit or the fact that Yum need to reload every time I open it. I miss apt.

  4. GNOME 3 is epic fail. Unity horribly too. I've gone back to Windows 7 and am back to being productive.

  5. Really dude? windows 7? LOL you must love virus and blue screens etc...

  6. no more blue screens than in the linux distribution that are so far behind they leave not even finalized versions !!!