Saturday, February 19, 2011

Plant a Linux!

Good day, Lured Ones! I gathered all of you here today not to walk you through another adventure into the distro realm, but to share an awesome piece of news I happened to stumble upon on the openSUSE news channel.

The gist of it? With the help of its sponsors, the openSUSE team gives out promotional openSUSE 11.3 DVDs (complete with fancy covers and all) for you to share wherever you go.

So, rather than spending money on blank DVDs and horrifying people with your sloppy permanent marker handwriting, fire up your email service, ask for a bunch of promo DVDs and the Lizard will ship them to you. Don't judge a book by its covers, they say, but a shiny, colorful packaging will surely attract a lot more attention and increase the operating system credibility.

But there must be a limit, right? Like 10, 15, 20? No, no, no. If you think you'll encounter 200 people that might be interested in freeing their computers, go ahead and ask for 200, the team will be more than happy to send them to you.

Now isn't this project pure awesomeness? Sure, I've never been a huge fan of openSUSE but it is a solid product that will undoubtedly do Linux justice. Also, shipping within a comfy DVD, the best open source applications will also be included by default, so the Live environment should be able to keep the curious busy for quite some time and properly introduce them to GNU/Linux.

I have yet to send in my order, but I will ask for a few and see if I will be able to at least find someone interested in computers inside my "influence area". :D And when the package arrives, I will take a bunch of pictures and post them here! YAY!

Oh, a piece of advice? Don't go door to door and ask people if their computers "have seen the light". Don't be too pushy about it, but do try to explain the advantages and joys of using a free OS.

Read more about the project here. If you're already convinced, order the DVDs at

In other news, the snow is back. GO AWAY, WINTER!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Distro Hoppin`: iGolaware Linux 2.0

Hello, hello, good people of the Internet! I am back with another hop! Will it reach the top? I should stop? OK, I'll stop. The rhyme is strong in me today, don't you think? But let's continue from before embarrassing myself. I will be taking a look at yet another Ubuntu-based distribution, called iGolaware 2.0. Quite a catchy name, right? No? Well, it might not sound like much, but hey, look where UBUNTU is today.

There are some OSes out there that make you feel like /home right from the Live environment. I feel obliged to inform you that, for me, iGolaware is one of those and if I will seem a bit biased towards it, you'll know why. :D I'll try not to, but hey, just in case, there's my disclaimer. It's the first time I've heard about this distribution so I had zero expectations. OK, I'm lying, I was expecting a sloppy remix of Ubuntu, a distro that was simply made out of boredom and had no future ahead of it. But surprise, surprise, iGolaware is quite a serious project included in the portfolio of quite a serious IT consulting/solutions-provider startup in Netherlands.

The image file is ~1.2 GB in size, but is being pushed through quite a fast server, as it reached my computer with speeds of 4-5 MB/s. Bonus points for that! In case you're experiencing slow speeds, there's a handy sourceforge mirror on the download page.

Booting the Live DVD is reasonably fast and the desktop welcomes you with effects like transparency and smooth animations, even though the proprietary graphics driver is not installed. I don't know how the developers managed to do that (Nouveau maybe?), but I like it. Sure, it is a bit on the slow side, but nothing that will sting your eyes. Plus, I was only there for installation purposes. I summoned the Install icon on the desktop and rapidly clicked my way through the steps to reach the customized slideshow that showcases some of iGolaware's features. I also had plenty of time reading them all, as the installation took quite some time - around 12-15 minutes.