Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Trinity Project Picks Up Where KDE 3.5.10 Left Off

Hey, pst! Yes, you! I know you've been crying yourself to sleep at night ever since those mean, mean people developing the K Desktop Environment decided to radically change the way your favorite DE worked and release the dreaded "4" version. Good news! There's no more need to get over it and move on with your life, as, apparently, the God of open source decided to bring you a fork of KDE 3. Ok, maybe not God, but a company/team that goes under the name of Pearson Computing.

The project is called Trinity and is suffixed by the version number 3.5.11. A small introduction and a taste of Trinity's future, straight from the official website:

This project aims to keep the KDE3.5 computing style alive, as well as polish off any rough edges that were present as of KDE 3.5.10. Along the way, new useful features will be added to keep the environment up-to-date.
Towards that end, significant new enhancements have already been made in areas such as display control, network connectivity, authentication, and much more!

There are instructions on how to install KDE on an existing Ubuntu system or you can simply download a Live image containing the latest version of Ubuntu (10.04) running Trinity 3.5.11. Which is what I did. First impressions? It's super fast, just as I remember KDE 3.x best for. It really didn't feel like I was running the system from the CD. As for the rest, indulge yourselves into these screenshots I made.

Well, that is it, folks! Just letting you know about this great new project. Have an awesome day!


  1. I am so happy to see this I love KDE 3 but just don't like where version 4 is going. My thanks to the Trinity group.

  2. Wow, it just looks so... static and old, that KDE 3. Its like its 2005 again.

    KDE4 isn't perfect but its come so far and I really do like it and feel that it has an incredible future (as well as has had an incredible year or two already).

  3. HA! Just when I had finally gotten over it! Less than a month ago, with Kubuntu Lucid, I had finally learned to stop worrying and love KDE4, and now I don't know how I feel about this.

    I don't think this would be necessary if KDE4 used Folder view as the default activity. The default is easy to fix, so it seems strange that it should make such a difference, but I think it does. KDE4 has been powerful for a long time, It's starting to get stable, but it's still, for many people, incomprehensible.

  4. Debianero RumberoMay 26, 2010 at 1:15 AM

    @lefty.crupps, KDE4 isn't ready for corporate (aka companies, bussineses, etc) use. On the other hand a KDE bug-free 3.5.x series will rock for sure in that kind of environment.

  5. It's good to see that somebody cares about KDE3. I am using the 3.5.10 version on openSUSE from the KDE:KDE3 repository, because it's much faster and lighter than it's "big brother". IMO the looks are less important than speed and configurability, but with a little tweaking you can make it look any way you like.

  6. There was no space for improvement in kde3 and now the same thing. This project is doomed to fail and it will. Probably 30-100 geeks will use it and nothing more.
    And YES, KDE4 will rock your world.

  7. KDE 4 isnt bloated its clinically obese. It boggles my mind how develpoers did that: reduced functionality at 2.5x more memory consumption.

    Chasing and trying to catch up with their logic isn't quite easy as well; what's nepom-somthing, runs and does nothing, only annoys me, dolphin does anything but file management, its default window setup actually prevents one from even loking at home dir.
    Ktorrent floods you with useless dialogs, its cluttered not clean, eats 2x more memory than qtr...
    Printer applet - strangely being fired up by default even if you dont have a printer plugged- yea thans for concern... Same as bluetooth applet - I dont even have B adapter, Jesus!
    In 3.5.10 I could plug in camera and konquror took care of the rest - out of the box - thankfully, now this usless feature is gone...
    Amarok - is BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG, and its developers are pushing it in wrong direction

    I could do this nitpicking for long, very long, days....

    Comparing KDE 4.4 to gnome 2.30 is like comparing obese dude to thaiboxer - fat dude is going down.
    Also, with KDE you can throw out the window phrase about using linux on older equipment....

    But, as long it looks in pleasant way it must be good.... It's like dangling shiny objects infront of a cat :D

    Yes, I welcome this project.

  8. KDE 4.4 to gnome 2.30: they use almost the same amount of memory (depending on your configuration and running apps), but Gnome 2.30 is a usability madness and almost unusable for me, and internally it is as bloated as KDE 4, not too mention it is badly infected with Mono disease.

  9. I'm the founder and lead developer of a Kubuntu based distro geared towards social networking & Multimedia.

    KDE 4 is nowhere close to ready for prime time.
    It has memory leak issues, desktop lock-ups, and it's incredibly unintuitive and user unfriendly!

    We just decided to look at rolling our own with the Ubuntu or Debian core, and KDE 3.5.x.
    Knowing about this project makes my day!
    If this is a serious project, we may be willing to help provide a mirror for this project in the future!

    Thank you for saving us from an immature DE (Current versions of both KDE and Gnome). :D

  10. Count me in as 1 of the 30-100 geeks still using kde 3.5.x. This is fantastic to see.

    I have a hard time understanding why the focus left the application level and shifted down to the desktop environment level. I don't see much of my desktop EVER. I'm too busy using the applications. Who needs wobbling windows - that makes my head hurt anyway.

    Very nice to see KDE 3.5 still alive and well! I'll be checking this build out for sure and donating to it as well.

  11. Interesting... KDE4.4+ on this 512ram P4 2.4 just a few days ago it was LXDE. I will be reading more on this DE here.

  12. KDE4 is a large steaming pile of shit as it always has been. Frankly it isn't even fit to comment on it further. Lets hope the trinity brigade sort something out for Debian.

  13. I'm the developer that posted a while ago....

    As far as 30 - 100 geeks goes, the vast majority of my distro's community membership prefers KDE 3.5.x (poll vote). So I think we can easily assume we've broken the 100 geek threshold. ;)

    This project may save the Linux community in general from a perfect storm of embarrassing issues with KDE, Gnome, Ubuntu core, etc. that's occurring all at the same time.

    I donate to those whose tools I use for my distro. It's the right thing to do. If I try this project and decide to use it with my distro, I will donate regularly!

    If this project improves your computing life, I encourage everyone who benefits to donate to this worthy cause. :D

  14. "Probably 30-100 geeks will use it and nothing more." and maybe 2-3 non geeks, count me in.

    Kde4 is another beast, a fat and slow beast. They should call it by another name, that is not what we knew as KDE.

    For those interested Vector just released a live KDE 3.x version http://vectorlinux.com/news/vl6.0-kde-classic-live-released

  15. Oldddd... Yeah whatever, I'm going back to present now. KDE3 was good, but KDE4 is better & fast enough on my hardware.

  16. I 've been using Ubuntu 10.04 and I could live with it on althlon xp 2000+ 768 mb of rm - and ubuntu/gnome combo is fine with hardware - FINE- no bells and whitles, but its OK.
    Kubutu on the other hand was hardly usable - with opened dolphin, kopete, konqueror - no flash,amarok, it ate whole RAM and small 512 mb swap. Nothing demanding going on, and the KDE isnt responding....

    By contrast, how versatile 3.5.10... It was used by Slax, nimblex - mini distros!!!!!!, full desktop experience without the bloat

    Now I read tiling is going to be inroduced in 4.5 well - whta for??
    It's like KDE team is trying to shove as much crap as possible, grabing whatever thay can....

  17. KDE4 is awesome, but all these customizing features take literally hours for me to set up, and I'm not convinced they're helping me get more work done.

    It's difficult to say how this will be received. I admire KDE4, and I think it will eventually be a success among those who want all those features, but I feel like I could go either way.I'm downloading the Trinity live CD right now.

  18. I tried running Trinity 3.5.11 with my Kubuntu Lucid system... and after railing against KDE4 for two years, I think I like KDE4 better now. Just a couple of months ago, I might have felt differently, but Kubuntu 10.04 was a real turning point for me.

    I question whether trinity is really necessary, but it's not my decision to make, and I have faith that free software will work it out. If we need to retain KDE3, we will. If we don't, we won't. No big whoop.

  19. I really love how KDE 4 feels, but Trinity shows what’s different in free software: If enough people care about a project, they can take it up even if the main developers decided to go another way.

    So go for it!

  20. I respect and support anyone who wants to go back to KDE3, but at the same time, I'd urge anyone who is unhappy with KDE4 to try booting a Sidux, Mepis or PCLinuxOS live CD to get an idea of what KDE4 looks like when "Folder view" is the default activity. Here's a sidux screenshot:


    Looks kind of familiar, doesn't it? Sort of like KDE? For the life of me, I can't imagine why KDE4 uses "Desktop" as the default activity. Of course, it's easy to change the activity to "Folder View" yourself. But for some users, and this includes me, opening to the shapeless "Desktop" activity gets things off to a very bad start. But that's KDE4 for you: great software, lousy public relations!

    Sidux, Mepis, and (I believe) PCLinuxOS have all taken it upon themselves to change the default to "Folder View", making it easy for the user to start with the familiar structure of the Classic KDE desktop and move outward into new possibilities. While the classic KDE Desktop shows icons and files from the ~/Desktop folder on the desktop, Folder view allows you to use icons and files from ANY folder on the desktop, and now, with KDE4.4, I can have a different activity in different desktops. Here's a video I made, to illustrate the possibilities. All these desktops were running at the same time:


    There may be times when I don't want all these acres and acres of virtual Desktops, and that's when I like to run XFCE. Of course, I always use KDE applications. Konsole, Dolphin, and Konqueror are the best there is, and it's easy to fix XFCE to run them.

    One of the things that I hated about KDE4 was the changes in Konqueror. It's an awesome desktop application, and a sentimental favorite. At first Konqueror seemed to be diminished in KDE4, but that's changed. Konqueror is BACK, baby, big time! With plugins, Konqueror does things now it couldn't do before, like bulk renaming and (pause for dramatic effect) TEXT EDITING!

    My God, I can't believe I'm having this discussion! Not long ago, I was banned from the Kubuntu forums for complaining about KDE4. Anyway, I'm just offering my perspective. KDE4 is just so HUGE and sprawling, and it comes with a learning curve. It's probably not for everybody, and it may not be for all the time. If there are enough people want it, and I think there probably is. KDE3 deserves a chance to live.

  21. Great news! I'm using KDE since it's first pre-1.0 releases, at home and at the office. Most of the time I've been bleeding edge re KDE releases. I gave 4.x half a dozen tries, nine letters: it is a crap! Still running 3.5 on every Linux box, would be nice to see the continuation of development of that stable branch. Thumbs up!

  22. KDE 4 + Folderview < KDE 3.5

    KDE 4.0 should be a new project because, as the KDE crew has stated, it's defining new usability paradigms...but not well...not yet. It's not functional:

    It has little in common with ANY established interface design, so it fails familiarity.

    It implements usability concepts that are not intuitive so are lost on most users, so it fails intuition.

    It lacks consistent interface design, so it fails consistency.

    It is not stable, everyone agrees, so it fails functionality in the most basic of senses.

    It’s SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW SLOW, so it fails functionality in a very important sense.

    It’s lacks basic features from previous versions and other DE’s, so it lacks functionality in a contemporary sense.

    It's just not yet product.

  23. I will be definitely checking this at home PC, I hope it's as great as it sounds, kudos to Trinity team!

  24. If they developed KDE4 in a separate way and named it 'Plasma DE' for example, I would not object. But they sacrifices the best DE on Linux for their god - that is what we will never forget.

  25. I love KDE but it needs to get stable, rock solid again. Development needs to speed up. More like in the good old days, without all the empty propaganda.

    The most important thing about development is that is scales. If it doesn't things went wrong.

  26. Over at OpenSuSE they have some volunteers unofficially maintaining the 3.5.1 repo for the latest 11.3 release.

    The official word is "KDE 4.4" but from what I'm observing the OpenSuSE community is either stuck on 11.1 for the sake of KDE 3.5 or forced into KDE 4.4 for the sake of 11.3. This appears to be creating an impasse for the user base to migrate to 11.3 - and LXDE isn't quite the answer they're looking for. So here's the volunteer side project, KDE 3.5.1 ....


    As for KDE 4.4 & my machine. I have 4 GB, SATA drive, CPU w/ lots of cache, the works. KDE 4.4 ran like *CRAP* atop OpenSuSE 11.3 on my 64b 2-core Athlon X2. It took me a few hours to turn off all the dancing baloney & then I inadvertantly killed my main panel (kicker). Turns out I couldn't recover it w/out just renaming my entire .kde folder ... so I LOST all my settings.

    Faced with the chances of that happening again ( or running cron jobs to b/u the desktop config ) I decided to take the plunge, set up a good handful of distros & build KDE 3.5 on OpenSuSE 11.3.

    The results have been impressive ... very snappy performance, low overhead. Some of the neat-o KDE 3 plugins that SuSE integrated in 11.1 are notably absent but KDE is apparently faster & stabler for the trade.

    Matching the latest Packman repo of kaffeine / xinelib is a prob, some feature creep requiring a ~/.smb/smb.conf has snuck in, stacktracing. I guess I could just create a stub file for its sake... :-)

  27. Good to know that I'm not alone with my dislike of KDE4. Not getting to see my email because your brilliant ideas about how I *must* have an SQL server running before email can be seen is a no-go. I switched to LXDE, which is basic, quick, and functional. But I still need to use some KDE apps - konsole, konqueror, and kmail. All three of these are much less functional than in KDE3. Konqueror is almost useless now, and I have to use FireFox, which I really don't like, but it can load pages that konqueror can't. Plus konqueror has some problem I can't solve where it takes an extra 30 seconds to load any page.

    It's just a shame, KDE was one of the coolest parts of running a linux system, and now it seems like the intent of KDE is to bring the Windows experience to your linux system.

    Yuck. Maybe I'll try out Gnome; perhaps the "filthy hippie" desktop will work out better for me. Or hopefully I'll see Trinity in Gentoo portage soon!

  28. I am looking forward to trinity keeping kde3 alive!
    I agree, it is the best linux desktop ever, in all ways!

  29. I use kde3 and kde4 and I love both.

  30. Kde (or TDE? ;)) 3.5.12 released! See more here: http://trinity.pearsoncomputing.net/wiki/bin/view/Documentation/Releases_3_5_12


  31. To the one who inadvertently killed the panel. Just restart. If you accidentally deleted it, click on the cashew and choose "add panel."

    Even if you re-named your KDE folder, naming it back should have restored your settings.

  32. I installed Linux Mint 10 (Julia), 32 bit Gnome version, then installed Trinity KDE 3.5.12 as per directions at the Pearson site. Easy as pie!

    I now have the best of both worlds! KDE & Gnome.

    There does seem to be some slight interaction (e.g., focus under mouse determined in Gnome)and I have been making partclone images to another drive as I go and learn. Recovered twice so far. :-)

    I love it. Viva Trinity!

    Andy Axnot

  33. Soft Landing System. Anyone remember? Anyways .... always liked KDE since it's inception. That being said, I am someone who can adjust and enjoy new things. Tried KDE 4 series. From 4.0 up to the recent release. One thing I always enjoyed (fortunately) was a bug free and stable enviroment. Just can't get it with KDE 4.x. Used to dislike Gnome. Felt it was all I was left with as far as multi-option desktop enviroments go. Got to enjoy it. Found VectorLinux's KDE-Classic (KDE 3.5.10). I'm in love again. No crashes. No memory leaks (can you say Win98?). Just smooth sailing. Quick and responsive. I think that considering I've been using Linux since SLS came out and then Patrick Volkerding branched it and started Slackware, I can pretty much appreciate great code writers. Still waiting for it from KDE 4.x crew.
    Hoping this project will take over where KDE 3.x left off. Thank you, I'll be watching.

    John @ Linux411

  34. There is another name that I "Lovingly" use for KDE 4. I call it "Linux Vista." 'Nuff said!

  35. Hi, im looking into trinity just cuz i want to install amarok in oneiric. Do i need to install the whole desktop or i can do a simple apt for amarok?


  36. @fher98
    So you want the old version of Amarok, right? I will install Oneiric in a virtual machine and see if it's possible and will come back with an answer.

  37. @fher98 Hmm... while I was able to install the separate Amarok 3.5 packages, I couldn't get it to run, so, in my opinion, you will have to install the whole desktop.

  38. Amarok 1.4.10 was built against the KDE 3.5.x series. All compatability for KDE 3.5 branch was dropped for KDE 4.x branch. In short, to use Amarok 1.4.10, you need the libs it was built with. Those libs are not included with the newer Kubuntu's.

  39. If you want the old Amarok, install Clementine instead!