Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Picture-Happy Overview of the Upcoming Ubuntu 10.04

The recently announced visual rebranding of the world's numero uno Linux distribution caused quite a bit of stir among the tech community and led to rivers of tears, both of joy and of sorrow. While some are delighted to observe the total brownlessness of Lucid, others, more nostalgic, fear that Ubuntu is losing its roots and the drop of originality that was brought by the unconventional choice of colors. And to twist the knife even further in, the window controls were moved aaaall the way to the left side, which for some, is just unbearably Mac-ish.

Yes, yes, I have to admit, there are quite a few elements that resemble Mac's interface, including the (otherwise awesome) purple wallpaper, some of the notification area icons and the Ubuntu logo which is now in grayscale, but what's wrong with that really? It's only Canonical admitting that Mac's general design guidelines are the best on the market and hey, let's just take that perfectly fine skeleton and build on it with our own identity. Yes, I would've loved to see Ubuntu come with 100% original, new design ideas, but I will surely not loathe the company for borrowing some, especially when you can't say that Lucid is a shameless ripoff of any operating system; there are still a lot of things to make it stand out of the crowd. Long story short, I DO like the new face of Ubuntu: it's fresh, it's modern, it's futureproof (we're talking LTS here, it needs to be :) ), it's dynamic, and above all, it stopped looking like a 100-year old wardrobe.

Anyway, here's the short visual tour I've compiled with some of the new things that are coming straight to your Ubuntu machines at the end of April.

The two new themes: Ambiance and Radiance

The installer now automatically detects your location. No more pixel hunting weeee :)

A really nice orange loading bar

The new "Featured" category in Ubuntu Software Center

Yes, it's here, folks! Yahoo! Search will now accompany your first instance of Firefox

Adobe has its own little special place within the Ubuntu Software Center

Gwibber is now included by default and will handle most of your social "needs"

The Nouveau driver is activated, NVIDIA's proprietary one is waiting to be unleashed

Users will be able to purchase music straight from Rhythmbox

The resizing rectangle has quite an inspired look
The new chat theme makes Empathy look less boring

Simple Scan replaced XSane

The separate "Social" area

Finally! An easy to use video editor is available out of the box

The newly included virtual keyboard is easy to use and works perfectly

The new volume control applet gives quick access to the Sound Preferences

The new wallpaper in all its glory!


  1. What are those up-down arrows in sys-tray?

  2. That's the ethernet connection icon.

  3. looks very nice.
    I can proudly show to my friends who use aero and other beautiful themes on windooos

  4. Maybe its just me... But I really liked the default theme in 9.10 with its brownish-orange-yellow mix. The best so far. I really hope they reconsider the small round lefthand buttons. From a accessibility point of view its less trouble hitting a larger square button :)