Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quick Tip: Update Shortcuts in Ubuntu's Main Menu

Installing and running most applications in Ubuntu is a piece of cake, no doubt about it, but sometimes, some programs refuse to appear in the Applications menu without you having to restart the session (logging out and back in). Such is the case for Sun's awesome VirtualBox virtualization software. Today I will present you with a relatively quick way to make it appear in the menu without the session restart hassle. There are probably other (better) ways to do this, but it's what I use. Don't shoot me if it's not the best approach. :)

So, after you have installed VirtualBox, go to System --> Preferences --> Main Menu, make sure the "Applications" entry is expanded (click on the little arrow on its left if it's not), go to the "System Tools" menu and there you'll see VirtualBox with a checkmark next to it. Now simply uncheck it, wait a few seconds, and check it back again and voila, you now have the extra "System Tools" entry in the Main Menu, hosting Sun's VirtualBox.

As for some of you words are becoming obsolete, here's a video showing the above steps:

Thanks for tuning in, have a great day!

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